Do you have a parent, friend or relative who needs help with their activities of daily living? Maybe mom is having trouble remembering to take her medicines, or a neighbor with mobility issues is struggling with his daily chores. Do you want to “do more” for them, but can’t because of financial constraints or your existing work schedule? With BANGLA CDPAP SERVICES, you can get paid to provide care to a loved one – as long as they are on Medicaid and live in NY State. Contact us today to learn if becoming a Personal Assistant through the NY CDPAP Program is right for you and your loved one.

Why Become a PA?

Becoming a Personal Assistant (PA) for a loved-one or friend allows you to be paid for providing care. They get the loving care they deserve and you earn money for a job you may already be doing. This is beneficial for individuals who have sacrificed outside jobs to care for a family member, friend or relative.

Another great benefit is that it allows people without experience or training to take on the caregiver role and make a difference in the life of someone you know and love.

If you know someone who is eligible for CDPAP and wishes to hire you as their caregiver, this type of work can be extremely rewarding. BANGLA CDPAP SERVICES makes it simple for both the patient and the personal assistant to navigate the process of enrolling in CDPAP. Get started today.